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Van der Spek supplies crane parts for construction highest building in Austria

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The modern Vienna DC (Donau City) aerea in the 22nd district will be completed by the DC Towers. Designed by French architect Dominique Perrault, they will leave a distinctive mark on Vienna´s skyline.

Standing 220m tall, DC Tower 1 will be Austria´s highest building; DC Tower 2 will have a height of "only" 168m. They will house offices, exclusive apartments, a 15floor 4-star-plus hotel and a restaurant. On DC Tower 1 there will also be an observation deck.
For the construction by main contractor Max Bögl, Van der Spek supplied several parts for the Liebher tower cranes in use on this project. The Liebherr 280 EC-H12 Litronic will climb up to over 250 meters height under hook and Van der Spek delivered a reinforced and a standard base tower section 630 EC-H, several tower section 500HC and a special 500HC slewing platform with climbing device for this crane.
For the 250 EC-B12 Litronic, which will climb inside the building, Van der Spek delivered the special slewing platform and several special climbing tower sections.

After completion in the beginning of 2013, the Liebherr 280 will dismantle the other crane and will be climbed down until a height where a mobile crane can dismantle the upperstructure of the crane.

source: Liebherr.com


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